Timing Diagrams with WordPress

I saw a post yesterday on Hackaday about using a program called Wavedrom to edit timing diagrams on web pages. It looks like a great tool, but I have a couple of issues with it.

First, I’m confused about the command line version of the tool. It exists, but there seems to be some issue with using it on Mac OS. I haven’t tried it on Linux yet, but most of my work is done on both, especially documentation, so I need to get that figured out.

The second really big gotcha is that it doesn’t work with Internet Explorer 9 and earlier. That is a big one. Even though I personally never use IE, a lot of my readers do.

Anyway, with those caveats in mind, I did some work to try to integrate Wavedrom with WordPress. Here is an example waveform:

Apologies if you use IE since you can’t see the waveform. You can check it out in Firefox or Chrome, though.

You can see the full tutorial for WaveDrom here for more details. But for the example above, the code embedded in this page looks like this:

<script type="WaveDrom">
{ signal : [
{ name: "clk", wave: "p......" },
{ name: "bus", wave: "x.34.5x", data: "head body tail" },
{ name: "wire", wave: "0.1..0." },

I created a very simple plugin for WordPress which adds the right stuff to the HTML header for these pages. I will probably work on it a bit further if I can figure out how to support IE. If I can’t do that, maybe I can get the command line version working, and use it for PNG or SVG images at least.